Configuring a page range

Each page range you add has the following configuration options:

  • First page and last page of the range – in the From box, enter or select the first page of the page range and in the To box enter or select the last page of the page range
    • make sure the From page number is higher than the To page number
    • make sure that the page numbers you enter or select for the page range are not part of another page range


  • Numbering Style – click this box and then select a numbering style for the new labels of the pages that are part of the page range
    • select None if you do not want to add any numbers on the labels of the pages that are part of the page range; the labels will contain only the Page Number Prefix


  • Page Number Prefix – in this box, enter the text that will precede the numbers of the new page labels
  • Start numbering at or Continue numbering – select Start numbering at and then enter or select the number from which the new page labels numbering will start, or select Continue numbering to continue with numbering the new page labels from the previous page range
  • Preview page range – click  to view how the labels of the first page and the last page of the range look like in the Page Range Preview section
  • Delete page range – click  to delete the page range; page range 1 can never be deleted