Setting up the new page labels

Use the Change Page Labels feature to set up new labels for the pages of your PDF document.

You can:

  • change the label of a single page or you can change the labels of a range of pages;
  • add several page ranges, covering all the pages of your PDF document;
  • configure the labels for each page range as needed.

When you first access the Change Page Labels feature after you load your PDF document, the default page range is displayed – page range 1.

To add another page range, click  – you can then configure the new page range as needed. For more details, you can go to Configuring a page range.

To preview a page range, click  – this action shows the first page and the last page of that page range on the right side of the current window, in the Page Range Preview section.

Note: The previews may take a while to be generated and the application may seem frozen.

You can also delete any page range you add. To do this, in the area of the page range you want to delete, click .

Note: You cannot delete page range 1.