Page labels

To access this feature, on the home screen, click the Change PDF Page Labels area. You can use this feature to change the labels of the pages of your PDF document.

Note: When you are not on the home screen, to access this feature, click the Change Page Labels tab.

The Change Page Labels feature screen has the following sections:

  1. Page Range Configuration Tools –in this section you can load or delete a previously saved page range configuration or save a page range configuration
  2. Main section – you can set up the labels for a range of pages, add and configure several page ranges, preview or delete page ranges
  3. Page Range Preview – in this section you can view how the labels on the first and last pages of a page range will look like

Note: You can also view the total number of pages of the currently loaded PDF document.

After you set up the page ranges, on the right side of the Page Range Configuration Tools section, next to , click Change Labels to add the Change labels action to the selected changes list.