This Bizarre Dark Souls 3 Speedrun Requires No Extra Steps

"Dark Souls 3" has become a fan-favorite game to play through in unconventional ways. Some players have taken to using unconventional controllers, like a "Ring Fit Adventure" controller or even a pizza. One YouTuber has even beaten the game after restricting themselves from using a main feature in the game. ymfah decided to beat "Dark Souls 3" without walking. This doesn't mean that he was unable to move during their adventure, but the exact restriction is that he was unable to use either stick to input controls. That meant not being able to move conventionally or being able to rotate the camera manually.

So how did he do it? First ymfah picked the Thief class, which came with the quickstep skill, which is similar to a dash. The knife that the class comes with also has a forward attacking motion as well, so ymfah could spam attacks to move forward bit by bit. He also avoided killboxes using the TearDrop glitch, letting them survive with 1 HP. ymfah was also able to use a bow and arrow to reset his camera and direction, so he could face enemies trying to attack him. These restrictions resulted in ymfah dying repeatedly during their attempts, but it was all about challenging themselves.

ymfah said they like the challenge

Speaking to Kotaku, ymfah said he enjoys the challenge of solving puzzles, which he considers beating "Dark Souls 3" without walking to be. "More specifically, I like solving challenges like puzzles. I set a strict goal, I plan ahead using the knowledge of the game, and when I meet an unexpected hurdle I try to overcome it with new and interesting ideas. I'm on PC so I used steam controller settings to disable my left stick," ymfah said.

ymfah said that pulling off the TearDrop glitch successfully in the run was tough, but the hardest part was defeating some of the bosses. The Slave Knight Gael boss fight, in particular, proved to be troublesome. Despite the restrictions making it seem like completing the game would be impossible, ymfah has successfully completed the game this way not only once, but twice. He also expressed interest in doing the no walk run in "Elden Ring" if ymfah can find a specific ability that would allow him to move without using the sticks. Considering how much larger "Elden Ring" is and how not being able to move traditionally would impact the game, that sounds like a massive undertaking, but ymfah seems to be up to the task.